Cell Phone/Electronic Devices Policy


Wahlquist Jr. High School is equipped with the capability to allow students to access internet services on personally owned electronic devices—i.e. lap-top computers, E-readers, iPads, iPods, cell phones, etc. Students may utilize these electronic devices in the classroom as long as they are used for “educational purposes” as specified by the teacher, under the direction of the teacher, and with the approval of the classroom teacher. These electronic devices may also be used by students before and after school and during lunch and pass time. Students are responsible to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy guidelines when utilizing personal electronic devices at the school.  Disciplinary measures will be enforced when students use these devices inappropriately in the school environment. 

Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be used outside the classroom during instructional time without the expressed consent of the classroom teacher.  Office telephones are available throughout the school day for students who need to call parents. Parents may also contact students through the office. Students must obtain a hall pass to use the office telephone.


Filming/taking pictures on school campus during school hours must be under the direction of a teacher and used only for assignments given by teachers.  Violation of the camera policy will require the same consequences as other electronic devices. 



Students are expected to cooperate in releasing cell phones and other electronic devices when requested by school personnel.  Students will not be allowed to remove SIM cards or batteries.

•  First violation: Confiscation of electronic device. Device will be returned to student or parent at the end of school day.

•  Second violation: Parent/guardian will be asked to personally retrieve device at the school.

•  Third and further violations: Disciplinary action, including, but not limited to: suspension, district office referral, etc.

•  Under certain circumstances, (including but not limited to reasonable suspicion of inappropriate or illegal content) the administration may view contents of electronic devices.

•  School district policies and Utah state and federal laws regarding illegal content of electronic devices will be strictly enforced.



The following items and others deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the school environment will not be allowed on campus without staff approval. Such items will be confiscated and parents may be asked to reclaim such items:

•  Boom boxes, radios, CD players, or other musical or electronic game devices

•  Toys (including cards and board games), laser pointers, water guns, whistles, balloons, rubber bands, confetti and other items that is not necessary in the pursuit of an education

•  Markers and paint balls

•  Food items that may create problems on campus

•  Items such as heavy chains, lighters, matches, laser light pens/pointers, sharp objects, spiked bands/jewelry and other objects which may be identified as dangerous or a health or safety hazard



Items that are confiscated from students will be kept in the office until properly claimed.  Unclaimed items will be disposed of in the following manner:

•  Unclaimed electronic items, wheeled vehicles or other items of significant value will be turned over to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office at the end of each quarter.

•  Other unclaimed miscellaneous items (clothing, etc.) will be donated to a goodwill organization at the end of every quarter throughout the school year.