Attendance Policy


All students are required by law to attend all classes on time, every day. Parents/guardians who have activated a Portal account may request that they be notified each day if any absence or tardy is reported in any class.For safety purposes, parents/guardians excusing students before the end of the school day must come into the Main Office to personally pick up their student and sign out. 


A.  Absence:A student will be marked absent in each class when not in attendance

1.   Unavoidable absences must be excused by parents within three school days of the absence. Please call the Attendance Secretary at 452-4648. Written notes will not be accepted.

2.   Students arriving over 15 minutes late to class will be marked absent. This absence may be subject to excuse by parent/guardian.

3.  Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to school or leaving school early must check in/out in the attendance office.

4.   It is the student’s responsibility to contact teachers for make-up work for excused absences. Make-up work policies vary among teachers.

5.   Make-up work will not be accepted in the case of truancy.

6.   When students are excused from school for reasons other than illness or family emergency, arrangements should be made in advance with the Attendance Secretary.

B.   Tardy: A tardy is a late arrival to class. Students who arrive at school any time after 7:50 a.m. must check-in at the Attendance Office before going to class.  Excessive tardies in any class during any quarter will affect the student’s citizenship grade:

1.   Three tardies = ‘N’

2.   Five tardies = ‘U’

C.  Truant:A student will be considered truant if he/she:

1.   is absent but not excused from class;

2.   comes to school but does not attend class;

3.   leaves school without checking out in the Attendance Office;

4.   obtains permission to leave class to go to a certain point, but does not report there in a timely manner;

5.   is in the hall or other areas of the building/campus during class time without a hall pass;

6.   does not check-in with the Attendance Secretary when arriving to school any time after 7:50 a.m.

D.  School Excused Absences:Students may be school-excused from classes by the proper authority when participating in school sponsored activities. Some absences require teacher approval. Teachers may decline approval for field trips if the student is not in good standing in the class or if missing the class will place the student in jeopardy.

E.   Field Trips:School transportation will be required and supervision will be provided for off-campus field trips. A parent permission form must be signed and submitted before students may be excused to attend. Students must be in good standing in all classes to be eligible to attend these activities.

F.   School-Sponsored Activities:Students who are eligible to participate in school-sponsored extra-curricular activities (athletic events, etc.) must be in attendance at school all day on the day of the scheduled activity/event in order to participate. Exceptions may be made by the administration.

G.  Closed Campus:Wahlquist has a closed campus from 7:35 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Students are required to remain on campus the entire day, including lunch time, unless properly checked out through the Attendance Office. Students who fail to obtain a pass to leave school during the school day will be marked truant and are subject to a curfew citation by law enforcement officials.

H.  Sick Room:The sick room is available to students who are ill or injured. Studentsmust check-in with the Attendance Secretary before going to the sickroom.  

I.    Injury Reports:A report must be filed for every student accident/injury that occurs on campus or at school sponsored activities. All accidents or injuries must be reported to the main office.

J.   Regular attendanceis regulated by State law.  Students who accumulate excessive absences or tardies may be suspended, and/or referred to the District/Juvenile Court. Truancies and tardies may also affect students’ citizenship grades and eligibility for participation in extra-curricular activities.

K.  Hall Passes:Students may not be in the halls during class time without a hall pass which is issued by a staff member. Each student leaving class must carry his/her own hall pass. As indicated on the back of each student ID badge, eight hall passes per semester are available to each student.