Hazing Policy


Weber School District and Wahlquist Junior High School enforce a police of “no tolerance” when dealing with bullying and harassment behavior. Every person at WJHS has the right to come to this school without fear of being bullied or harassed. Any conscious behavior with the intent to harm another, or that intimidates or makes another person feel uncomfortable will be considered bullying/harassment. Name calling, unkind comments or gestures, unwanted physical contact, unfriendly or inappropriate texting, gossip, etc. are a just a few examples

of bullying/harassing behaviors. If you witness someone bullying or harassing another person, tell an adult immediately. If you are a victim of someone’s unkind behavior, you should:

•  Tell the person to stop immediately. Name the behavior that you want stopped.

•  Do not engage with the offending person, walk away and ignore the behavior.

•  If the person harasses you again, tell an adult like an administrator, counselor,teacher or parent immediately!

•  Every person at Wahlquist Junior High School has a responsibility to keep the school environment safe for all!

Disciplinary action will be taken against students who engage in acts of bullying and/or harassment. Students will be suspended.  Repeat offenses will result in a referral to the District on a “Safe School” violation.