Grades/Citizenship Credit


A printed copy of academic and citizenship grades will be mailed to student’s homes on mid-term progress reports and report cards at the middle and end of each quarter. If you do not receive this information, please contact the office. Parents/guardians who have email addresses on file at the school may be notified each Thursday if their student(s) are earning a D, F or I in any class.


Academic Grades:

Letter grades will be awarded each quarter to students based upon criteria established in each classroom. Students and parents may monitor progress grades by accessing the ‘Portal’ online.


Academic Credit:

Students will earn one-quarter credit each quarter for each class which has been successfully completed. Academic make-up credit is available in several core-curricular areas for students who fail classes. Contact school counselors for further information regarding cost, availability, etc.


Citizenship Grades:

A quarterly citizenship grade will be assigned to each student in every class based on daily conduct and behavior. Citizenship grades are separate from academic grades. The following rubric is used to determine citizenship grades:


•  An ‘H’ (High) citizenship grade will be assigned to those students who exhibit positive behavior on a daily basis. These students go the extra mile to help establish a cooperative classroom climate that goes beyond their own individual needs. They can always be depended upon to demonstrate a cooperative attitude, exemplary behavior and provide leadership in following classroom expectations and school rules and policies.


•  An ‘S’ (Satisfactory) citizenship grade will be assigned to those students who routinely exhibit positive behavior and cooperate fully with all students and teachers. The majority of students generally receive a satisfactory citizenship grade. These students are aware of, and in compliance with classroom expectations and school rules and policies.


•  An ‘N’ (Needs Improvement) citizenship grade will be assigned to those students, who exhibit inappropriate conduct/behavior in the classroom in one or more areas, i.e.:

  • Disruptive/disrespectful behavior
  • Inappropriate/unacceptable language
  • Unproductive/off-task in classroom
  •  Unprepared with materials/homework
  • Three tardies
  • Truancy


•  A ‘U’ (Unsatisfactory) citizenship grade will be assigned to those students who exhibit on-going patterns of inappropriate behavior (refer to examples above). An unsatisfactory grade may also be given to students who exhibit extremebehavior on occasion which may be disruptive, hurtful, disrespectful, dangerous and/or threatening in nature. Five tardies in a class may also result in a “U” citizenship grade.


Academic Credit Recovery:

Apex Online Courses…
Wahlquist Junior High will have some APEX online courses available for students to take for make-up credit(s). Seats in the APEX online courses are limited and students must meet with their counselor for possible placement in an APEX online make-up course. Students will have 4 weeks from the time they start the APEX online course to complete it. The APEX online course fee will be $40.00 per quarter credit. All APEX online courses will require that students take and pass a unit test to receive credit. If a student is not working regularly in an APEX online course, they will be dropped from the course and the registration fee will be forfeited.

Additional credit recovery may be available in selected courses for students who fail by 10% or less.  Credits must be recovered within 30 days of a posted failed grade.  See counselors for further information including cost.