Eagle Hour (Edvisory)


Updated: SEPTEMBER 2016



  1. Progress reports will be printed and distributed to all students every Monday by edvisory teachers.
  • Color coded
  • D’s and F’s will be circled on progress report
  1. 2.‘Wanted’ slips will be distributed to students in third period on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    1. a.Students who receive ‘Wanted’ slips are required to attend the listed venue.


  1. Students with D’s and F’smust attend an intervention venue—no enrichment venues allowed
  • Students who do not receive a ‘Wanted’ slip may reserve a seat in an intervention venue by requesting a “Wanted’ slip from a D/F teacher before third period on edvisory day.
  • D and F students who do not have a ‘Wanted’ slip must remain in their home edvisory class –no exceptions.
  • Students who are assigned to a venue and do not show up will be referred to the office and marked truant.
  1.  A, B, & C studentsare eligible to attend either an enrichment or intervention venue
  • Enrichment venues:
    • Color-coded progress reports may be used as a ticket to any enrichment venue as long as space permits.
    • Students may reserve a seat in any enrichment venue by signing a reservation sheet in a particular classroom before third period on an edvisory day.
    • Intervention venues:
      • Students may reserve a seat in any intervention venue by securing a ‘Wanted’ slip from the teacher in charge before third period on an edvisory day.
    • All venues:
      • Students who reserve space are obligated to go to that venue unless they cancel with the teacher in charge before third period of that day
      • Students who make a reservation in venue and do not show up, will be referred to the office and marked truant.


  1. 1.Google Drive:(Eagle Hour shared folder)
  • D F, & I student report which will be updated regularly.
    • Teachers may use this list to review those students who should be requested for intervention via ’Wanted’ list.
    • Spreadsheet (monthly) listing all students
      • Teachers request students for intervention by typing teacher name (last name) into ‘Wanted’ column on any given date during the month
      • ‘Wanted’ slips will be generated and distributed to edvisory teachers (mailboxes) on Monday and Wednesday mornings.
      • If the student you want to request has already been reserved, you may negotiate directly with the teacher shown or reserve the next available edvisory date.  You may reserve more than one date at a time.
      •  If ‘Wanted’ slips have already been generated for the date requested, the requesting teacher must fill out and deliver the ‘Wanted’ slip to the student or to the student’s edvisory teacher before third period of the requested date.
      • Students requesting a particular intervention venue must secure a ‘Wanted’ slip by speaking to the teacher involved. If the teacher agrees, teacher must access the spreadsheet to verify student has not been reserved on that date by another teacher and then take the steps outlined above.
      • Intervention teachers must track the attendance of all the students they request for any given session.  No-shows should be reported to the administration immediately.


  1. 2.Once students have arrived at an Eagle Hour venue, they are expected to remain for the full period.
  1. 3.It is the responsibility of every teacher to check the color coded progress report slip of every student to avoid admitting ineligible students.
  • Only the color-coded progress report slip showing all A’s, B’s or C’s or a ‘Wanted’ slip may be used as a ticket to allow students to leave the edvisory classroom.
  • Students without an acceptable ticket will be required to remain in their edvisory classroom.
  1. 4.Edvisory teachersare expected to invest in those students in their edvisory class who are receiving D’s and F’s by:
  • encouraging them to request help from a particular classroom teacher
  • messaging a teacher requesting help/intervention for a particular student.
  • referring those D & F students  who are not being served through the ‘Wanted’ list to the administration. 
  • assisting students to devise a plan to keep track of progress reports each week--i.e., provide an envelope for backpack, keep in phone case, provide a place in the edvisory classroom to store progress reports, etc.  (Teacher may refer students to the office if they refuse to cooperate with your BEST efforts to help them plan and attend intervention venues.)
  1. 5.Classroom teachersare expected to identify students in their regular classrooms who have D’s and F’s and be proactive about placing students on the ‘Wanted’ list for intervention.
  1. 6.All teachers (except math)will be expected to provide one enrichment class per week.
  • Plan activities that will appeal to many students.  Most teachers should be hosting about 30 students in each enrichment venue and at least 15 students in each intervention venue.  If venues are not full, please try another activity.  Edvisory time is allotted to work directly with students—it is not prep time.