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Our school

(801) 452-4640 | 2656 North 2400 West Ogden, Utah 84404

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Social Studies

Mrs. Acosta
Mrs. Hall
Mr. Ventstra


Mr. Blanch
Mr. Bulloch
Mr. Remkes
Mr. Joy
Miss Whitworth
Mrs. Meaders
Ms. Worden
Mrs. Pontius


Mrs. Bennett
Mr. Bourgeous
Mrs. Muirbrook
Mrs. George
Mrs. Critchley
Mrs. Stratford
Mrs. Halverson
Mrs. Shaw

English Language Arts

Mrs. Froerer
Ms. Peterson
Ms. Simonson
Mrs. Lee
Mr. Pope
Mr. Winters
Mrs. Cook
Mr. Hobbs


Mr. King
Mr. Butler
Miss. Murray
Ms. Baxter


Miss Judkins
Mrs. Vuiyasawa

Fine Arts

Mrs. Parslow
Mr. Jackson
Mrs. Sheets


Sr. Cooper
Sr. Saunders
Sra. Maloy

Health and PE

Mrs. Johnson
Mr. Valletta
Mr. Romander

Life Skills

Mrs. Julie Evans
Ms. Jones
Mrs. Fisher
Mrs. Wood
Mrs. Rhees
Miss Doak
Mrs. Hickenlooper
Mrs. Anderson

Special Education

Mrs. Toone
Ms. Green
Mrs. Van Dyke
Mrs. Talbot

Band and Orchestra

Mr. Wooden
Mrs. Taylor

Library Media Teacher

Mr. Fuller

Student Advocate and Workroom Aide

Ms. Cox
Ms. Chapman


Mrs. Byington
Mrs. Moffett

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