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Community Council Meeting

February 4, 2019



Attendees: Brandi Green, Colleen Cragun, Amy Broadbent, Aimee Broadbent, Steve Short, Scott Elliott, Matthew Winters, Angie Walker, and Andrew Penland


Welcome - Scott Elliott


Counselor Report:  Andrew Penland

Mr. Elliott reported on registration


PTSA Report: Amy Broadbent

Amy talked about PTSA incentive. It was distributed last week. Preparing for PTC on Feb. 19th. They are looking for help for next year. 


Professional Development/Ed Tech position

Mr. Elliott discussed what the school has been doing with Professional Development. The teachers have been working on Power Standard and assessments. They have taken the standards and made posters to stress what will be taught in each classroom. Discussion of the Curriculum/Ed Tech position was talked about. Matt Winters gave us a break down of the programs that we have been able to put in place at Wahlquist because of this position.


Service Opportunities 

Wahlquist students were able to provide service in our community through the Sub for Santa drive. Students raised $5000 for the Christmas Box House. They were able to provide Christmas for 10 families in our area. Our Spanish Club was able to visit Roosevelt Elementary and gift 2 books for every student in the school. The choir performed for a packed cafeteria.


BARK program/Digital Citizenship 

A new digital safety program will be launched February 18th. The community council was introduced to the program.


Data Scores

The council discussed the end of level testing scores.


2020-2021 Trustlands Proposal

The council discussed these proposed items for use of Trust Land funding for the 2020-2021 school year.

  1. Computer Lab lease
  2. Chromebook Lease
  3. Chromebook Maintenance
  4. Novels and Subscriptions
  5. Teacher Professional Development (Conference/Subs)
  6. Math Lab (Staffing)
  7. English/Math Co-Taught classes(Staffing)
  8. Curriculum/Ed Tech (Full time)
  9. Band/Orchestra Instruments
  10. Student Advocate (5.75)

Members were asked to deliberate on this proposal. A decision will be made in the future.


  1. Next Meeting is set for April 7th. Meeting adjourned.

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